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Marketing Terminology for Business Owners

For a moment, let’s assume you own a business. Next thing you want to is to go about getting people to find it online through search engines.

In addition, you want to boost awareness about your business through social media platforms. Well, it’s all too easy to get immersed in the ocean of acronyms as well as conflicting information related to online marketing.

So lets put it down into a relatively simple language. If one or two terms elude you, don’t worry too much. Once you grasp the basics, learning more about the details of marketing terminology won’t be a difficult task.

#1 Search Engine optimization(SEO)

SEO is a term that refers to optimizing of the website in order for search engines to properly index its content.

Every business owner must understand that preparing the site for proper indexing via proper SEO is the foremost step in effectively marketing the site.

Often, Google makes changes to the standards by which website managers( marketing people) are to follow. In addition, they offer guidelines on what’s acceptable and what are considered no-nos. So, that marks the essence of search engine optimization.

#2 Inbound marketing

It’s a strategy that largely focuses on getting leads or attracting customers through company-generated internet content such as -e-newsletters, webinars, videos, blog posts and others.

In the process, potential customers will end up visiting the business as opposed to marketers vying for their attention.

Customers actively searching for specific goods and services online can thus easily find what the business offers.

A business owner should take note of the fact that inbound marketing saves a lot of money as opposed to outbound marketing, which is a bit outdated and traditional.

#3 Electronic direct mail

Electronic direct mail can be one of marketing terminology for business owner. You may require to add new customers to your business but not know how.

So how can a business use electronic direct mail? If you’re a business owner who thinks it’s just spamming people, think again. Electronic direct mail is a great opportunity to get your business’s name in the hands of clients who are interested in your most recent services, products, and coupons.

Through mail lists, you’ll be able to communicate with not only existing customers but also acquire new ones.

Overall, it has attractive benefits not only to end users but business owners as well since through the service, they can be able to scale up and down depending on the computing needs or demands.

#4 Call to action

A call action is basically an instruction to your audience aimed at provoking an immediate response. It prompts a prospective customer to do something for instance” click here for 15% off……”

CTAs prompt your prospective customers to go ahead and take action in finding out more about your product or service.

Call to action is a very essential aspect that every business owner needs to understand since only then will they be able to know which one is the most effective CTA for their business.

#5 Conversion

Conversion basically entails the decisions you make right from your marketing effort to the customer taking action. A conversion can be a call or electronic direct email, but in most cases it’s a direct purchase.

As a business owner who want to know more about marketing terminology, the prime aim of your marketing should be to evoke conversions. Ensure you set it clear from the start how you define a conversion so as you know exactly what to track as well as what you aim to achieve at the end.

#6 Cloud computing

Cloud computing refers to delivery of hosted services through the internet. Alternatively, It could be defined simply as a web-based service that involves services such as storage, email, accounting supplied via the internet and many more others.

Cloud computing is a popular service due to its affordability and ease of update. In addition, it allows business to use computer resources as a utility.

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