Twitter initially started out as a text message service that allowed users to quickly communicate with a small group with similar interests on the ‘Twitterverse’. It has since exploded to become a ‘microblogging’ social media platform that has helped many companies gather much insight to behaviours and lifestyles of their customers. Users are able to express their thoughts and opinions using 140 character or less (including spaces).

Twitter can be to give quick updates to your Twitter followers about upcoming releases, new products or company news. Your company can also use it to redirect traffic to other social media sites such as a video on YouTube, whether it be from your company site or a video that is related or talks about your company or product. It can also link to a new post on your company blog, Google+ page or Facebook page.

When your company posts up tweets, these can be retweeted by your followers, which then allows for their followers to also see your post. This starts a viral effect that gives your company more and better exposure and can also increase the promotion of your company, its products, events and special offers.

Our team can also help you to host a competition on Twitter. This can increase the number of followers. This increase means that your tweets are exposed to a larger audience. This audience cares enough and has enough interest in either your company or a product of yours to have decided to follow you. These very same people will also be more likely to look up more information about the product or service that you are promoting.

Because each tweet has a character limit enforced, the information you post must be concise and catchy. It is also advisable to have a call to action message, this involves further interaction and a response that will generate more leads for your company.

We’ll walk you through the world of Twitter, its jargon and help create a visually engaging company profile that is in line with your brand’s core value and culture. Our specially created Twitter kit will enable you to then entrust your Instagram presence to designate role within your organisation who understands how to align images with the interests of your target customer.