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Health Check

Marketing / Business Health Check

How many times have your thought “there must be a better way”?

Send us your details and we will call you for a quick summary of where you are at and where you want to be. We will give you a pointer in the right direction and make sure its work for you in your industry and in a process that gives you real results. Confirm that you have been actioning marketing and development opportunities the most effective ways and we can should you how to add more features your tool belt to make your life even easier and create more talking points with customers.

Is your ROI showing a different result than you thought? Are you needing clarity that your marketing is working effectively for you? Do you need an industry veteran or a marketing guru to bounce your ideas from? Are you very happy with your business but want to benchmarked it to other? Are you interested to see what future there is in a new or different business growth direction? Then we suggest you have a “Health Check”. All the time is the right time to check and make sure all your companies activities are effective. It is simply pointless to reinvent the wheel if its wasting valuable time and resources for you. Its always a better position to make the functions you have built to leverage off technology, ideas and processes to create a faster, simpler and more effective marketing and business growth result for you. Marketim encourage and challenges you to challenge your business on critical thinking if your business is operating smoothly and getting get results you want. Its s time to make sure you are getting the result you should without having to put the extra unnecessary effort into it.

How important is your health to you?

Statistically a staggering 90% of businesses fail within the first 18 months. What’s more worrying is that this is a 10% increase from the 8/10 failing startups recorded in just 2012. This works as evidence enough for us that something is going wrong and unfortunately the problem is growing. The business world is facing an epidemic and while your business may not be a startup, we assure you that if you ignore its health you will succumb to this problem too.

As alarming as these statistics are, do not panic. Fortunately we at Marketim have already begun putting our expertise into action, devising swift plans that can be put to use to help you and the health of your business.

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Are you truly connecting with your customer. Are you in tune with who they are and what they want?
  • Is what you offer unique? Are you diverse and desirable, a cut above your competitors?
  • Do you communicate your product or service with clarity? You know what you have but does your customer know this too?
  • Do you have a strong leader at the top who knows what it means to be there?
  • Are you working with an optimised marketing campaign and a successful business model?

We aren’t here to assume that you’ll answer no to any of these questions. You might be performing in all these areas and your quarterly results may show that you’re turning a tidy profit… but we can promise theres more and it’s just waiting for you to take it.

Success is an art and success is what we do best. The health of your business is important. Waste no time in contacting us, submit your basic Health Check details and we will call you. We provide a quick and concise briefing on your current status and let you know what can be done to help.

Success is the lifeblood of Marketim, let us share this with you.

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