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Call to Action Messaging

Oh My Gosh, I’ve been looking for that for ages!


Yes I know it’s there, I’ll look at it later…

Call to action messaging is the requirement ‘Yes I know it’s there, I’ll look at it later…’

Call to action messaging is the requirement that you place on the customer to take action now. You are after action from a customer and the easiest way to achieve it is to ask for it straight away in a non-intrusive but friendly way to overcome their pain point.

Call to action needs to be implemented into all of your marketing strategies. Some businesses need branding campaigns and some don’t have time to spend on branding but will have a call to action campaign and the “by product” is that they achieve brand recognition through the sale.

Call to action prompts can be banners, graphics or text on a website on which a viewer is required to click and progress further and be a potential customer. In traditional media these prompts could be asking a reader to call a number now or to return a tear off form.

Many elements are needed for this and we can show you how to do it.

Firstly, you need to establish a need for your good or service by presenting the benefits and features. Then offer them clear actions that they can take. Our team will use active and responsive language to encourage further action. White space, colour and size will also be optimised to prompt call to action.

The aim is persuade your customers to actually take action and not to think about taking action. It does not necessary mean making a purchase, but can be taking further action to learn more about the product or brand.

Call to action plans need to be implemented in all marketing strategies as they will generate new customers as well as retain old ones. Our team will show you how you can effectively execute call to action messages to help to expose your brand and increase your revenue.