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360 Campaign Management

SMART? (If you don’t know what this is, call us!)

Do you know if you are getting the best result possible from you campaign or are you potentially losing 30% ROI and not knowing it or how to change that.

What’s the most important part of campaign management? Getting a result to grow ROI? How do you do this?

Are you measuring each element of your campaign as you proceed? Are you able to make informed decision based on data telling you to change? Are you using the correct message to find the pain point of your solution based offer? Do you know how many people have seen your offer and took action? Do you know why they didn’t take action? Do you know what computer systems are needed to efficiently operate the campaign?

Both traditional and digital marketing requires a strong understanding and experience in campaign management. From marketing management, to legal, to finance and resources, campaign management is where marketers have the most enjoyment and bring the most rewards to the business, let us show you how your campaign should operate.

It’s time for you to achieve “x” by doing “y” because “z” told you need to do it now.

From coming up with the ideas, through to working out strategies to implement the ideas, all the way to executing the strategy and monitoring and reporting on the action, Marketim will do it all. With our all rounded services, you can leave it all to us from start to finish. Our team is skilled in a vast range of areas. Brief us on your business plan, or what you aim for and we can even develop one for you. With all our ideas and executions, we will ensure that it is always in line with what you and your company stand for, so that all that we do represents you and will help your business to grow and prosper.