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Instagram Marketing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enhance your audience’s product or service experience through images and short videos? Instagram marketing is popular due to its simple nature and as a visually based social media platform.

Since most feeds are saturated with some what the same images, Marketim will cultivate the right balance of fun and intriguing images with pictures of your business, showing a fun and friendly side of your company. This allows your brand to tell its own story – engaging your audience and followers with meaningful and inspiring visual content. You can show what’s happening in your company, interaction of employees, products and upcoming event or launch dates. There is no limit to what you can or should post up. You should show various sides to your company and engage people on different levels so that you can tap into a large loyal customer base and be interacting with those who care about what is happening in your company, and your products. Our goal will always be to grow your audience, engage with them, encourage sharing of images, and ultimately turning them into loyal customers and brand ambassadors using a combination of methods from rewards to giveaways and competitions.

Through the use of images and short videos, you can engage with your customers. You can hosts giveaways or competitions as well, perhaps asking them to use a certain hashtag and posting up an image and caption that explains their favourite product from your company. This will also help to give your company and product extra promotion and exposure. We will help you to manage these campaigns.

Unlike other marketing companies, we prefer to empower our clients with the knowledge of how social media platforms work, and will encourage you to share posts and participate with your fans. With our weekly reports we are able to measure your online activity and initiatives and quantify your return on investment (ROI).