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Whilst B2C and B2B marketing have many similarities, there is also one major difference, that being the justification of the purchases.

What is the consumer’s rationale for making this particular purchase?

Sales from businesses to consumers can happen on two different levels: online and offline. Predominately, the term B2C is used for sales that happen online. When you are marketing a product or service to a consumer, you are only required to capture the interest of an individual, which is different to B2B marketing where you need to persuade a group of people with varying opinions.

When dealing with consumers rather than businesses, it is important that we understand that their interests lie in different areas. Marketim understands how a consumer thinks and will focus on how the consumer feels about the benefits of the product or service rather than the logic behind the features. Consumers want to connect with your company and its products on a personal level. Our team will instruct you on how to clearly explain the benefits in a concise yet intimate way. When you understand your audience, and are able to connect to them so that the persuasion is direct and little thinking is required on the consumer’s end. You are already telling them what they need and why they need it.

As the web becomes increasingly popular, it is important not to disregard it as a medium for marketing. Our team recognises that the web is an ever evolving platform that is increasingly being used by consumers as a means of research. At Marketim, we offer an array of social media marketing options as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), as a strong social presence online will result in more frequent visits. It should also be noted that consumers search through keywords or phrases and having the correct keywords will enable greater visibility and higher traffic.

Our team at Marketim will help you to engage with consumers on not only online, but also on a personal level that is equal to the interaction one would feel in a face-to-face environment.