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Webinar Management

Do you need to be in constant communication with your customer and potential customer who are either too busy to stop or are geographically not possible to travel to frequently?

You can have a webinar and show your customer the respect they aren’t getting from your competitors. Operating a webinar is a very effective way to meet with customer and potential customers not only in their own environment but in a visual environment as well.

It is very useful when you need to speak to a large audience at one time, for example to the whole country, region or metro. Webinars allow access from anywhere where there is an active internet connection.

This also makes conducting large scale seminars across a large area or even transcending across states or countries much simpler. You can speak to a large audience in a very cost efficient manner without need to hire out a large venue or coordinating transport and equipment needed for the seminar. All that needs to be organised is the time of broadcast and in which time zone the time will be calculated on.

Since these are done through a camera, they are also recorded so that they can be accessed again and again. They can then be watched at any time for the convenience of your customer. Also, if you missed it due to time zone differences, you can catch up when you have the time.

They can also be used during training courses for new employees in your company. They can be replayed as each new team of employees are admitted into the company.

You can operate training or a first meeting with your customers. Operating webinars requires a targeted amount of prior preparation which we can operate for you. Our team members will assist you in managing and preparing for webinar management. Marketim has the experience to conduct and run these and we will help to supervise you each step of the way.