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Set-up, Lights, Camera, Action, Excitement, History, Pull-down (REPEAT)

That’s how the consumer sees the entertainment industry and that’s how we want it to be. Relaxing into a different world to clear the mind in pure enjoyment.

Business growth and marketing are a mixture of investment in time and potential to repeat the same project across as many segments of the market as possible.

It could be a concert, sports game, water sport, animal involvement or a local kids football match, the goal is to have as many people enjoy the pass time as possible. That means it needs a solid and consistent marketing engine behind it that never sleeps. From TV advertising, venue management, artist management, creative control decisions and staying true to the real fans of the entertainment act. Having the capability for the consumer to only see the best parts is where the industry is second to none and repeating it on a weekly basis will create the culture that you are looking for.

The best approach is a complex offering that’s seen to be simple and effortless, that way the “crowd” really does get to enjoy the show while the back of house is in over drive to deliver that experience the crowd has spent their hard earned money on.

The easy part of entertainment is to utilize the stardom attraction for the event, after all how often do you get to see your favorite performer excel in their speciality so you forget about life little hurdles.

On a serious note, it’s crucial that the show is delivered flawlessly, it is an absolute must. Make sure that the artist is on stage for the hype and attraction and the chaos is not see near the stage or sporting field. After all the show never stops or sleeps, are we the audience love it!