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Web Store Experience

Simple navigation leads your customers to the checkout faster.

Can your customers easily:

Find your website? -> Find your web store? -> Search for the product? -> Select multiple products? -> One-click checkout? -> EFT/Pay online? -> Receive confirmation?

Seven simple steps that mean so much to a customer’s experience when searching and shopping online. If it’s a good, simple and smooth process, the customer will feel that it’s easy to return to your shop and repeat the process, then they may also tell their friends about the experience on social media or even in person. If it’s a bad experience, then you have a very BIG problem that needs urgent attention.

Ensuring a good experience on a web store is critical to not only customer happiness but also when google analyses if your website is a high quality and functioning site. It may mean a boost to your capability for google showing your website at the top of the page, aka #1 on google! Using a mixture of great interactive or animated pictures, clear and easy to understand product features, product codes, pricing structures or rewards systems. All of these elements tell your customers and google that you are a high quality business that can be trusted. This trust usually leads to a higher revenue turnover and more customers returning.

Organising the website, navigation, web-store, purchase links, shopping cart, check out experience and customer general experience is made very effective and easy when you build it similar to a map. It gives you a clear understanding of what the customer will see and how they will react to the website. Having a good understanding of what a customer is expecting to find and ensuring the site surpasses this expectation is the most efficient way to ensure a good web experience.