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LinkedIn has at times been described as “the business Facebook” or an “online resume”. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform for users to showcase their work experience and knowledge, connect with peers and professional clients, network and showcase a company.

With LinkedIn, companies are able to ‘speak’ in a professional manner, publish news, blogs and events in a more corporate manner – unlike Facebook where it is more relaxed and colloquial. There are professional groups that allow companies to showcase their knowledge and exchange ideas with peers and comment on industry trends and network with one another.

On LinkedIn, you are able to post up articles sharing skill sets that could be useful to others in your industry or to those who may be new graduates looking to expand on skills that are useful in the workforce that they may not have been exposed to whilst at university.

Company pages can be used to advertise vacancies in your company and with each connection’s work experience displayed online, you are able to unearth talented professionals to work for you.

LinkedIn is also a work friendly platform for co-workers to interact, building up a better rapport with each other, whilst remaining professional. It is also helpful for those who may be looking to join your company as they can find out more information, not just about the company itself but also the work ethics within the company.

Our team will help to provide guidance in creating a company profile where you can put on display the projects and achievements of your company. You can create news and introduce industry trends, all whilst networking with others in similar or related industries.

We will provide you with ways to keep your profiles updated, professional and interesting. Our team will not only help you set up a great profile, but will give you tips on how to manage it by yourself too. Ask us how we can use LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your company.