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Visual Merchandising in a retail environment is a science all of its own, but with a complete understanding of how your customer interacts with the retail premises in it set up both vertically and horizontally, you have a much greater chance of increasing your ROI (return on investment) as your customer is likely to find what they want to purchase much faster. This also encourages a fast up sell and cross sell. From decorations, specific placement of different POS (point of sale) stands and internal space decoration, we will assist you in the right direction.

It is important that your logo is clearly displayed on all your products. You want them to reach for your product rather than a competitor’s that may be situated nearby. You want to make your products stand out and this can be done in various ways, such as decorating the area that your products placed, as well as placing them near similar products that may work with each other, so that they may be picked up along the way.

In your own shop, you still want to prominently have your logo displayed everywhere, so that your customers are constantly seeing your brand. However, it is equally important that your shop is easy to shop in. You do not want to have your shop look like it is only for display purposes, otherwise your customers will only be looking and not purchasing. You must have call to action messaging signs posted around to engage with them. You want them to “buy now” or see the “now on sale” signs and be prompted to make a purchase.

At Marketim, our team will help you to set up all the visual merchandising. We will help you to strategically place products and signage to best increase your revenue as well as brand promotion.