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Facebook Marketing

We are all familiar with Facebook – it has made us more privy to our peers’ lives (whether we like it or not) and has helped us stay connected with people around the world. However, one thing some businesses fail to grasp is using a social media platform for a business purpose.

It may seem simple – logging onto Facebook, setting up a business page, uploading your business logo, adding an intriguing cover image and posting your first update. However, there is more than just that to Facebook marketing. What some businesses sometimes fail in, is just bombarding their products, services and logo, and clogging up their fans’ or followers’ newsfeed. This can make the brand look like a nuisance.

Facebook, when used for business is different when using on a personal level. There needs to be a mixture of engagement: images, quotes and interaction with other pages and fans’ post. It’s a social platform – so be just that! Interact with your audience to show the more ‘human’ side to your company. Share employee stories, product inventions and launches, pictures and videos behind the scenes at a photo shoot or testing of a new line or a funny meme (a humorous image, video or piece of text) to gain more user interaction. Let there be content for your fans to post, where they can interact with not only your company, but with other followers of your brand.

Adequately managing your business’s Facebook page is no small feat – but Marketim not only manages your business’s Facebook page and creates content to post for you, we will also show you how you can do it yourself so that you stay informed and knowledgeable of how we operate things, but you can rest assured that your time can be spent on other business operations.