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Sports Equipment

Sports products, celebrities, extreme record breaking and dare devil activities. FUN FUN FUN

But how do you get so much excitement into the hands of your consumer?

Every sports fan wants to be just like their idol and to achieve that, their mindset is to use the same equipment or something that’s just a good. In product marketing we call that “fit for purpose”. Each product has its key selling points which are vital in the purchasing decision making, but so is making sure the sports field and the skill set are matched, meaning play to the strengths of the athlete and develop key new skills set that are needed by the athlete and creating an environment where the sweet spot is constantly met.

It’s critical to have a very robust merchandising plan for the budding athlete to find the particular item for sale also. Merchandising the products in as many places as possible that your key target market is spending the majority of their time allows you to reinforce the message. Their following of you helps you to build trust in the customer that they can hold a ‘significant’ amount of confidence and trust in your and your brand that you are the best solution for them regardless of what your key competitors are suggesting.

Social Media has changed the way specific products are featured and endorsed by sporting personalities worldwide. The feeling of having more contact than ever with your idol by simply following them online is a benefit the general consumer has never achieved previously. The connection customers can now have is second to none. Online competitions for athletes to challenge them selves against their idols results, then sharing it with their friends through a communication piece that includes your brand, ensure your company core values are kept.