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Media Kit Press Kit

A press kit, also know as a media kit, is designed to house all the information on your products, your business and gives the media exactly all the info you want them to publicise about you. Sounds simple right? So why don’t everyone have one then?

What media kit you have depends on what message you want to promote and what message you want the media to promote about you. The media need to be treated with the upmost respect as they are a brand ambassador for your business that’s talking to a larger amount of customers faster than you can, and most importantly they already have the relationship with the reader and the buy in so they don’t have to convince the customer about them promoting you, you need to convince the media to promote your benefit.

Having a press kit is vital as they can be used for a variety of business functions such as product launches, news conferences, events and trade shows. At Marketim, we will help you to compile your own media kit.

Press kits are traditionally in the form of printed booklets, brochures or pamphlets. However, as we become more digital, it is also beneficial to create a digital press kit that can be easily accessed. This can be put onto CDs or DVDs and sent out, but it is also increasingly common to have one that can be downloaded from the Internet on your company’s website. As such, they must fit the technical criteria of the chosen digital platform to ensure that the content is correctly portrayed and that it is compatible for all systems and devices.

We help connect you with the right media for your product and show you the best way to present a value add solution, so they can find it easy to work with you and forge a great working relationship going forward.