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Youtube Marketing

YouTube is a platform which you can use to explain and address the advantages and featured selling points of your new and upcoming products. With added visual evidence on top of audio and written text, you will be able to prove first hand the features of a new or improved product to your existing or potential customers.

Videos can be used in different ways, such as to announce upcoming products and their release dates, features of upcoming products that make it improved or better than what is currently on the market, or to explain features and functions of an already released product that make it unique and different to your competitors. You can use the videos to highlight “top 5″ reasons why the product is special and a worthy purchase to be made.

It is also a good platform to do comparison of various models so that loyal customers can be persuaded to buy a newer model or even your latest model as it has improved or added functions that are not only useful but are also unique to your brand and are features that can not be found with your competitors’ products.

We believe that YouTube can be a valuable platform for your company as videos can be commented upon by the general public, giving consumers the opportunity to share experiences, allowing potential customers to see reviews as well as giving you customer insight on your product, meaning that you can modify future products or plan for future products to address consumer pain points, giving them answers that directly satisfy their needs or wants. YouTube is very versatile and our team will guide your through the easy functions that allow for your videos to be shared onto various social media platforms, increasing exposure and viewership, and therefore, also increasing the potential for your products or company to be talked about and lead into a purchase.

Marketim suggests the use of YouTube marketing for your company as it is a visual and audio medium that is very engaging, easy to access and the information is also easily and effortlessly absorbed. Our team will make it an inviting medium with engaging content that will attract potential customers, especially those who prefer a more verbal explanation, so that they don’t have to be reading. Your information can also be easily shared, and therefore more traffic will be going to your video from various shares from social media, and as such, giving more exposure to your product and increasing the opportunity for a sale.