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Import Export Distribution

Do you want resellers to be asking you if they can sell your product?

Found a product or have a product to sell in your country and now need to set up a distribution channel and service a multitude of resellers?

It is important to be able to convince resellers that they would benefit from distributing your product. It is also very useful for your company.

It is beneficial for your company’s products to be redistributed as it gives you better market penetration while at the same time expanding yourself. Your brand and your products will be seen in a more diverse environment and increase the volume of your sales.

Having a reseller distribute your products also reduces your costs. Rather than having to set up a store front and employing staff, you are now given an initial payment for your stock and they then continue to give you a percentage of their revenue. This means that you are effectively increasing your ROI with much less cost and energy. You also no longer need to train up staff to sell your products.

At Marketim, we have helped businesses resell their own products as well as small businesses looking to source overseas products and resell and redistribute them within Australia. Our team is well versed in this area and we have completed this many times previously for a range of different product, to setting up a channel, supporting the channels and assisting in growing it is our specialty.

We can help you to find the necessary connections that will make the redistribution and import export of your products seamless and effortless. Our team will provide you with all the logistics and give you results that will satisfy you and your business. There are many elements that need to be considered including branding, internet marketing, online marketing, search engine marketing, lead generation marketing, social media marketing and business distribution.

Whether you are a wholesaler or just looking for different channels of selling your company’s products, we will do our best in assisting you, so that it will be beneficial for your company, your brand and your sales revenue.