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Green Marketing

Do you have the need to be environmentally friendly, are you wanting to product an environmentally friendly product or service and aren’t sure where to start or what truly makes it a “Green” product?

Green marketing is also known as environmental marketing, sustainable marketing or ecological marketing. Green marketing involves the processing, packaging and distribution of your product or service. Impact on the environment should be minimal.

Our team at Marketim can provide your company with ideas that will help you to grow and promote your business so that it is seen in a sustainable and environmentally green light. We will find creative ways to show case the improvements your company make to the production of your products or services or the products and services themselves, whilst also minimising detrimental environmental impact. We will focus on the performance, value and effectiveness of your company’s environmentally friendly actions. However, we do not merely want to focus on the environmental gains that your customers will get from using your product or service, but we also want them to see the value, quality and performance of what they have purchased.

When a consumer decides to look for or to use a green product, they re not only looking for a way of preserving the environment, but also to enjoy the use of a healthier or safer alternative. Good for the environment and good for them too. When a customer is face with the decision of two similar products, environmental claims are now playing a larger role in the final decision of choice of purchase. We will ensure that customers know that the sustainable claims on your product are true, through the use of scientifically proven facts and results, and market it so that it becomes a well known fact in your industry.

Being environmentally friendly can be extremely rewarding for business both in profits, branding and corporate perception. Marketim have the experience to make sure that customer know that your product or service offering is in fact green and to spread the word across your industry.