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Paraphernalia Marketing Collateral

They say 80% of success is simply turning up. It’s the same for your brochures and any hand out that your business has.

Do you remember the last time you met a customer and didn’t have anything to give them to take away and think about e.g. a brochure or business card? Remember the thought of “I have less of a chance of them calling me to take further action and I hope they do find my website”?

When you have something to hand out, the chance of a customer responding increases. Even though not everyone will read it or keep it and even though fewer people will respond, there is little to no chance of further action if they walk away empty handed.

With something physical that they can refer to, they can easily visit the website or make an enquiry on the phone or in an email. They act actively as all the hard work is done. They do not need to remember a business name or web address, they do not have to research for something that could have been given to them.

If the potential customer has a slight interest, they are more likely to respond or seek more information, if it is easily accessibly, such as on a pamphlet or calling the number they were given. However, if there is nothing for them to refer to, they are more likely to not bother at all.

Simply put – by both statistics and general business trade, a person who walks away with something in their hand is more likely to call you to find out more or make a purchase.

We do the hard work for you in compiling the message, the design and the call to action on all of your paraphernalia and marketing collateral. We will speak in your company’s tone and stay aligned with your company’s message and values.