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Product Development

What experience do you want your customer to have when they pick up the product on its own or the product in its packaging? Ask Apple Mac and the answer will be different from a Rolls Royce driver, and it’s different to the $2 Candy Cane from the “$2 shop”.

Gift boxes, gift packaging, jewellery packaging, wine packaging, food packaging and sample packaging are all very different. Custom packaging is actually standard packaging because every package is different, the feel is different, the texture is different, the size is different, how many open windows does it have, is it a box, is it plastic or is it wooden?

These are the crucial elements that need to be considered. How is your packaging different to your competitor and what does it say about your offering? We will show you.

The packaging is very important as it is the window to the product itself. When a customer or potential customer picks it up, do they understand immediately what the product is about and what it does? Does it clearly state what it is and the functions? Is it self intuitive? Can the user work out what the features are? Or is it simply too hard to understand?

You want it to effortlessly communicate with your target audience. You want to engage with them and let them know what it is that your company has to offer.

At Marketim, we will help you to understand your audience. We will do the research and find better insight into your target audience so that we know how to market and develop your products and packaging. Our team will immerse themselves into the mindset of your target audience so that we can better design and strategise ideas that will work specifically for your business and product development.