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Product Sample Management

How do you manage how many samples of your product you need to generate market interest through the media? How do you have enough samples to give users a good enough experience to buy it when they are the shops next time so they can commercially purchase it?

Where do you place the samples so future customers will see it and want to try it?

A very good understanding of the customer pain point you are trying to solve and a brilliant tracking sheet of what’s been sent when and where is good! You need to have a good understanding of how to make the sample stage of the product work for your target media to make it easy for them to feel comfortable with your product so it gives them a fantastic experience to communicate with its audience.

Also be prepared for sample testers to ask for more samples if they like the first experience you give them!

Another way to do this is to send out product samples to the media and let them look over it over a three month period. Then ask them to do a write up for you in their publication, talking about their experiences and the pros and cons of your product. Through this you will be able to find out about the experience the product gives as well as which features need to be focused on and which ones may need to be altered or adapted so that they are more suitable to the audience.

At Marketim, we will help you to find the right places to place samples and how to offer them to prospective customers who may be interested or will know someone for which the product is suitable.

Our team will also help you find media representatives who write in publications that your target demographic reads so that they can help to promote your product and write up the experience they were able to have with the sample you provided and thus enabling your target audience to understand more about a product that they will potentially purchase.