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Having an online presence is vital for any business nowadays. This includes but is not limited to a website, varying social media accounts, company blog etc. A website can be a point of contact for your business, it showcases your company’s culture, explains the differences in products and services and praises your team.

At Marketim we will strive to create, nurture and maintain your online presence by cultivating a myriad of industry relevant news and upcoming trends to keep you ahead of your competitors and Google’s organic listings. We specialise in the implementation of a range of online marketing initiatives. We work with you to understand your business, and to find the most effective ways to reach your customers using suitable digital tools.

Not only are you expected to be online, but to also be interactive. Your customers expect you to respond to them when they have complaints or when they have problems with a certain product. When you interact with your online connections, you are also building up a stronger relationship with them. You are showing that your company has a “friendly” side to them. But how can you direct the right audience to your online presence?

You should utilise relevant keywords so that when potential customers look on search engines, they will be directed to your company’s online presence. The content you provide should be engaging, interesting and relevant in order to retain these visitors to your sites.

Our team will make sure that your business’ online presence is up to date. We will also provide information on how you can maintain a good reputation online and offline. With our various strategies, you can gain more connections or manage social media marketing campaigns. Marketim is here to help.

Our experts won’t just sign you up and you’ll never hear from us again – when you decide to entrust your online presence with us, you have access to our knowledge bank, tutorials and experts. Don’t believe us? Call us now to find out for yourself!