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Marketing & Thinking

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Do you need to plan out exactly how the entire realm of 360 marketing is executed in your organisation or do you simply need an operational view of what to execute when, why and how?

You need to know where you want your company to go in order to set the path to drive through. What drivers does the business have to complete the needs of their end customers? How does your business stay in front and keep moving forward, and not being stationery or falling backwards. Typical drivers include your product mix, service mix and pricing strategy.

Strategic planning requires the marketing mix to be right, a dynamic culture to implement in and to use your overall business strategies and hypothesise to function with strong leadership methodology. The diverse business philosophy you need to adopt and execute, lays the business plan for your future. This is achieved through a business plan and strategic marketing approach.

What are the key elements of your marketing mix you need to consider? Education, motivation, branding, technology, communication, the online marketing space or effective client management. The classic 4 p’s of marketing are usually the best place to start, usually the hurdle is how to know what to use when and why? That’s the critical part of marketing and it sets you out from your competitors and makes sure your customers not only notice you but WANT to take action WITH you.

With the various skills of our team, Marketim knows about marketing and will be able to come up with ideas that are suitable for your company, then execute the strategies that work well and are what you set out to achieve. We know what to do and when it is the best time for such actions.

Ask how Marketim can help you with marketing from start to finish.