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Email Marketing

How will my email be seen amongst the other emails my customer receives and hits “delete” on everyday?

Are you using the best links in your email to promote call to action?

The email must be ENGAGING. Most of the time email users are reading the subject line and deciding if they want to read the email so you must start with the messaging that the email is being wanted to be read and that it has captured the readers attention. There are two crucial operational elements to email marketing, making sure the email is being read and making sure action is being taken in the way the business wants it to be. This is a matter of making sure the subject is catchy, the information is relevant to the target market and making sure the links are going to the right places and encouraging the customer to take the right actions. Do not be boring to the target market and ensure its speaking in their language.

Firstly, you have to have subject line that capture’s their attention. Once they have clicked in, you have to keep them from hitting delete almost immediately. You must then keep your customer captivated by providing relevant information to them. If you keep it targeted and more specific, the likelihood of them proceeding onto further action is greatly increased. You must ensure that the links in your email are strategically placed so that appropriate call to action can be made.

Email marketing is beneficial as it is faster and cheaper than traditional mail. You can also easily send specific content to certain mailing lists, meaning that only people who have specified interest in the subject will be contacted.

So what platform do you use to send them how do you design the email in your companies branding and which segment of customer do you send it to? We help you answer all of these questions.

Our team will find a strategy that works for you. We will help you design the email layout, set up campaigns and monitor click through and conversion rates to adapt and modify accordingly.