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Social Media

In today’s society, there is an increased usage of the Internet and as such there has also been an increased use of social media. Therefore, it is possible to use various social media platforms as a way of gaining web traffic or positive attention to your website.

With over 400 different social media platforms – more appearing each day; each with its own distinct demographic of users and protocol of interaction – it can be a little overwhelming for businesses to jump on board and manage their accounts.

Social media works on eWoM (electronic word of mouth). We are constantly sharing events or talking about our experiences on a product or service on the Internet, whether on email, instant messaging, or a social media platform. It is now also easier to share these experiences or statements about a particular incident or company by simply clicking share or retweet or forward, depending on the platform.

When your company joins a social media website, through a direct and personal interaction, you will be able to build up stronger relationships with your customers or potential customers.

Martketim will evaluate which social media platform will be best to present your brand and business, set up guidelines and protocols on how to interact with consumers and potential consumers, manage feedback, set timelines for scheduled posting with and organic mixture of topics and styles of posting – for example a humourous meme to engage fans, a thought provoking quote or just a happy snap of the team at work.

From the beginning, we will assist with the design of your social media presence from ensuring you stay up to date with image guidelines (so you aren’t penalised), personalise a schedule for posting, watermark your images and design competitions to increase engagement with your fans.

Presence on each platform is not vital – our research and profile of your business and its goals will determine which platform to utilise. Marketim will simplify the process for your business and encourage all staff to join in the creativity and be social with your audience.