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Having difficulty contacting all your various suppliers and manufacturers?

Is there efficient communication between everyone?

Do you need help launching a new product or do you have a customer base that you are not yet marketing to?

Selling between businesses is different from selling directly to a customer via a single transaction. There are many more variables to consider and at Marketim, we can not only help manage the communication between the various businesses, we will also help you maintain a long-term relationship, brand loyalty and trust. In doing so, we aim to differentiate your brand in such a way so that it will be specific and targeted to your buyers and increase your networking base.

Our team understands that you have a need to not only attain customers but also to retain them, and that longer sale cycles are vital. We can do this through up-selling, cross-selling and customer development.

At Marketim, we will do the B2B hard work for you. We already have many strategies on hand that can easily be applied or adapted to suit your company, taking into consideration your company’s history and the competitive nature you are exposed. Our team has the experience and expertise to identify potential problems that is likely to arise in businesses and prepare a solution or multiple solutions that that are flexible and can be adapted to address concerns that may arise. By adjusting your product or service in such a way that it tailors to the need of your customer, there is a personal connection that will further shape your relationship.

Through a valuable sales experience, such as having sufficient knowledge of the product and not over-contacting the customer, the customer is more likely to return and rate your overall performance highly. Marketim endeavours to offer this service to and make the sales more satisfying on both ends.