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When the staff in your company present pictures or read a paragraph of text written, can you guess WHO wrote it or do you say it sounds like MY COMPANY? If you can guess who wrote it or if its different to what you think the company says, you need a brand! What do you remember as the most famous logo you have ever seen based on the branding of the logo?

What is a brand and how do you make sure it’s right and you are using it to make your voice heard and remembered? Your brand is what you stand for be it, your colours or the impression that a customer received when first meeting you. It is similar to a handshake on first meeting or the colour of your eyes or the tone of your voice. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors in your customer’s mind.

What is most important about branding, however, is not that your customers choose you over your competitors, but rather that they see your company as the only one capable of giving them the answers to their needs. You want to show them you understand what their needs and wants are. Your brand defines your whole company and thus, you should define and build it up. Your brand is also what people associate with your product or service, regardless of whether or not they purchased it.

Do you know what your company’s tone, personality, look, “vibe”, and general expectation from a customers perspective is?

When you have a positive brand, it encourages your customers to stay loyal. We will ensure that not only will your brand be easily recognised, but also give your audience a good impression. It is important that your tone and personality is consistent across all platforms, and we can help you achieve this branding.

We don’t just show you how to create your brand – we show you how to make your brand stand out from the rest, so your customer remembers you – brand recognition – not just the Louis Vuitton catalogue or Ferrari magazine on the brochure rack.