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Affiliate Advertising

Look at me, Looooooook at meeeeeeee!!!!!!



What is this?

Looks good?

Lets find out more!!!

How does the above change for online advertising?

We know from print advertising the following:

“The benefit to advertising is you generally know who reads the publication, when they read it, what they are looking for, what product you can focus and what message you think the read will be attracted to. Put all of this together and you move from brand recognition to a call to action campaign. From there you need to manage how many people bought your goods or services based on the advertising (SMART).”

Online advertising requires action, movement or animation, a stronger message for call to action because the customer is only 1 click away from being on your website! Literally clicking on your adv! The benefit to online advertising is the customer can take action much faster especially if you offer a webstore, the benefit to you as an advertiser is that all the statistics on how many click did go to your website, how long did they stay on you campaign webpage and what did they buy. These statistics are readily available for you to make decision on at any time about your advertisement. They are critical in making judgement decisions about future changes small or large and show is the cost per lead, cost per customer and cost per transaction are justifiable for future promotions. Having data to ascertain what your next adjustment is, is vital to make sure you are following the companies plan for the product range. Giving vital research statistics can confirm industry trends and provide opportunities for establish emerging trends to enhance your market competitive advantage.

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