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Business Strategy

A business marketing strategy involves knowing your business, what it is you want to achieve through your marketing efforts and devising a method to achieve the business goals.

Our marketing strategy begins with understanding your business and what exactly we are marketing – your company’s services and products, your ideology that is to be conveyed to existing customers and potential leads. From there, our experts at Marketim are able to develop a completely customised marketing strategy that will be tailored to best communicate your product or service to your target market, leading to the optimisation of customer awareness of your brand and business.

We can use a range of marketing methods to target your customers. From Internet and online marketing tools such as social media, Search Engine Optimisation, website development, e-newsletter and blogs to more traditional marketing mediums such as paraphernalia and printed collateral such as brochures, pamphlets, flyers and business cards, banners, newsletters, radio, magazines and newspapers articles.

Our team will find the most suitable strategies to reach your target audience in their own environment. We will combine various mediums to work together as one campaign and give your marketing a uniform presence and maximise its effects to bring your business to the forefront of your potential customers’ consciousness. We can even help you break into new environments to market your products and services. Our experts will be able to advise you on the best avenues for you to catch your target market, perhaps even one that you might not have been aware of previously!

Marketim will devise the best strategy for your business that best suits your specific business goals and targets. Our team of marketers will be there to answer all your queries, from initial implementation to reporting of all marketing initiatives and ROIs (return on investments).