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Marketing Research

My customer reads “x” magazine to find out about “new products” because they “read it” when they “travel to work”.

Wouldn’t you love to know how to fill the “____” gaps in the above sentence, and target your customer more directly and relevantly?

What happens when you are not sure exactly where they read it? Is in on paper (magazine), digitally (mobile phone) or Industry White Paper? What do you WANT and NEED to know about your customers? What is the ultimate profile of your customers? Do you know what your customers want? Do you know how to communicate with your customers so they ACT?

Marketing research is how you find out WHO your customer are, WHAT they want and HOW to communicate with them.

There are many research techniques used, from primary research to secondary research, some are very simple and some are very heavily detailed. Do you simply run a survey, ask through questionnaire?What questions do you ask and what questions don’t you ask, is it online or offline? Marketing research is a very important part of the marketing plan as it usually contains most of the answers you need in order to decide your business’ best way forward, not just with your marketing plan.

You need to profile your customer so you know where they will find you and what their thoughts are about your products and services i.e the user experience. This can also assist you in developing your products or services that are already in the market or are in the process of being designed for the market. It is equally important that you understand your competitors, so you know what other choices your customers have and what sort of differences you need to set you, your company and your products apart.

Using a multitude of strategies, we can help find out what you need to know about your customers and competitors.