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Public Relations

When you talk to a customer, would you be happy for what you said to be quoted on the front page of a major newspaper, or a website, or as a word of mouth reference to a new customer?

How many publics does your business have? Media, New Customers, Old Customers, Internal Staff, External Stakeholders, Directors, a Board of Directors, Family members? What you would say to each of them would be different as they need to know different details. What you would disclose to one is not necessary the same information you would disclose to another.

Public Relations is often concerned with the media. This is not only the case. If your company doesn’t communicate with the media at all you still need to have a public relations policy and plan in place for you on how to treat your public.

Firstly the media; who in your company is allowed to take interviews from the media or contact the media for product reviews or write ups, you need to make sure this person has the skills needed to do this. When you talk to the media, you have to provide them with information. This can be through your company’s media kit or through interviews. Strict guidelines need to be enforced as whatever information is disclosed will then be available to the public. These guidelines should enforce what should be said and how it should be worded so that there is no room for other interpretations and that it all remains aligned with the company’s ideals and values. Furthermore, you can request for product reviews and send products or samples to the media.

You can also address the public through your company website or social media platforms. It is important to remember that the same public relations policy should apply, regardless on the platform of communication.

Working with the other publics within your business requires a solid plan and strategy to manage the public perception you are giving your business.

At Marketim, our team will help you develop your plan from start to finish. From creating a public relations policy, to making up a media kit, to skills in upholding the same message and perception of your company and at the same time, keeping everything in line with your company’s guidelines. Communicating with your publics has never been so simple.