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Construction / Building Design / Architecture

Win the tender, make sure every designed line connects and there are no “collisions detected”.

The building design and construction industry are based on knowing what the industry is doing and who is part of it. Winning tenders requires strong networks through builder, project manager and architects at the core.

The need for well pre-prepared case studies and complete marketing kits showing every great detail that’s encapsulated is crucial. You generally only get one chance to impress and like most industries you need to surpass that impression level at the first stage.

It’s crucial to be found in the right places for a perspective of what segment of the design or construction you belong to or are expanding into. Communicating through the theme and showing exactly where there is a design trend or personality attached to, it is usually the work of the experts in their field. This alone makes it extremely important to not only communicate why the design is a stand alone artwork but also why it’s a feature point in the locally designed agricultural environment and why it speaks with nature to make the creativity feel at home.

When the customer is presented with a compelling reason as to exactly what the personality is and why it’s there, does architecture, building design and construction really differential its self from most other industries. The stories alone are enough to build a creative case study as to the emerging culture that has become design and fluidity.

Building upon the design of simple beauty is the enhancement of the natural environment. With any new constructive piece, the way that humans and nature are working together to create a cleaner, healthier and more energy positive environment, promotes the façade into a natural birth. This is the first place to understand what required from marketing and communication in this industry.