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SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Do you want to be found on the first page of Google and other search engines by people who are looking for you?

There are 2 scenarios your business can utilise for SEO:

1, Being found on Google for an untargeted or branding reason, or

2, Being found in a targeted way by people who are looking for your product or service they require to fulfill a need they have.

Whilst we have many specific SEO packages that are available, our specialty is making sure that SEO is part of the making mix that you need to achieve you business goals. The online space requires several key elements to be executed correctly and that is where we are the leaders.

We know that it is important for our website, but what exactly is SEO anyway?

SEO is the positioning of your website so that you are higher up on a search engine’s natural search results (not paid ads) When you are higher up, on earlier pages, and different pages of your website appear frequently, the more high the chances of you receiving more traffic on your site.

So how can we utilise it so we can maximise the number of users that visit your site? How do we make it so that Google and other search engines see your site and picks you up to be relevant. How can we make your site attractive for customers or potential customers.

Your website must have the relevant keywords that best describe and identify your business. In other words, the written content of your website must be relevant to what the person is searching on Google. Our team can help assess and improve the content of your website to optimise the possibility of receiving a click from your target consumers.

By implementing strategic, technical and creative tactics, Marketim will efficiently help to improve your website’s performance. Our services will be uniquely tailored to your business and only bring measurable results.