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Event Management

“That was a brilliant event, I got so much out of it and can’t wait to come to the next one, sign me up now!”

This is what you want to every attendees to say after your event has just finished, and it takes a lot of work to get that response. This is why Marketim enjoy operating events.

What is required to operate a successful event?

Venue selection, presentation and layout of the facility, the guest speakers, what handouts are required, the logistics of catering and parking, event invitations and the core goal of the event being met.

We do the hard work for you so you can make the event work hard for you.

It is important that we remember that whilst it is crucial to organise the venue, the decoration and inviting guests, it is equally important that we run the event on a timeline. On that timeline, it should state clearly when each guest speaker is speaking and for how long. But as with all events, we must also plan for the unexpected, not only weather that can affect the venue or the guest turnout, but other things such as guest speakers running late or a miscommunication with catering. For all things that are planned, there should also be a back up plan. But one back up plan isn’t enough, have a second or third contingency plan will ensure that the event runs smoothly, at least in the eyes of the guests.

Does that sound like a headache? Too much for you to handle?

Our team at Marketim have handled many events in the past and can organise it for you, from planning of the venue to the hiring of caterers to inviting guest speakers and your distinguished guests, we do full spectrum event management. We will do the hard work and you can reap the results.