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Conversion Rate Optimisation: Is Your Contact Us Strategy Wrong?

We all know the first step in digital marketing is getting people to be able to find your website when they are searching for the products or services you are in the business to provide. If content is king, then conversion is queen. It’s hard enough work, and expensive enough on SEO or AdWords, just getting people to your website, but once they arrive, do you then lose most of them? Is your ‘contact us’ strategy wrong? Have you really thought it through thoroughly? It can be very useful to workshop your conversion strategy to see if it actually works in a variety of situations and for a reasonable cross section of people.

What are the do’s and don’ts of conversion optimisation? Well, the first do is, don’t make assumptions, make sure through customer research that you understand the thinking of your potential clients when they visit your site. Become a customer yourself, and get friends to become customers, and walk your way through your website to see if it delivers for customers. Next, wrap your head around the conversion funnel paradigm. Where are your website visitors coming from, what landing pages do they arrive on, and how are they navigating around your site? If visitors are not converting into sales, analyse why. What are the intentions of your current visitors? Check if there are user difficulties in accessing your contact us website and collect information pertaining to the objections of your visitors. Contact us websites must be designed to fit the market they are targeting.

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Is Your Contact Us Strategy Wrong?

Going to a competitor’s website and studying their conversion strategies can be very helpful. Mine your own digital identity for as much market research as you can; check out your social media profile and what your customers are saying in this space. Target what is working within your business and what is most persuasive to your customers and accentuate that in your digital strategy. Remove all the dead wood and display what works clearly and boldly. Get involved in some digital market research through testing wireframes of your new conversion strategies on suitable test markets. Try a variety of landing pages through establishing a network of websites that are all marketing your products or services in different ways. You may find which approaches are more effective and what you should be putting more of your marketing budget into. Also, you may find that a group of websites marketing your products may be ultimately more successful than just one.

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