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Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing: A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words

Cosmetic dentistry has received its fair share of the spotlight turning it into a very much sought after service in the present. This is quite apparent as many dental clinics today provide cosmetic dentistry as one of their services. For those who are not familiar with the practice, marketing plays a very huge role in helping spread the word about them. How important is imagery in marketing cosmetic dentistry – and is it ever too cliche or superficial?

Marketing cosmetic dentistry is a common practice in this present day and age. Websites have been populating the internet and most dental clinics today have setup and integrated their respective services online. With that being said, launching a website is considered to be as the first step as there is more that needs to be done.

One of the most important practices is to sell your service to their eyes which refers to your target audience. There’s truth to the saying about the worth of a picture, so imagery should be a key part of your marketing efforts. The same principle applies well in cosmetic dentistry as patients need to see the end results of their procedures. Being able to see them firsthand and in advance helps give them a clear overview on what to expect with regards to cosmetic dentistry in general. Increasing patient acceptance for cosmetic dentistry revolves around the use of computer imaging. Computer imaging has become an effective marketing strategy for “cosmetic” health practitioners. In dental and plastic surgery practices, cosmetic computer imaging is considered the benchmark in marketing lucrative cosmetic procedures.

Patients will not be finding any shortage of imagery used in marketing cosmetic dentistry in the present. A number of cosmetic dentist are using the very same approach which allow them to further pique the interest of their target audience in a timely and effective manner as a result. Good imagery results to positive feedback and reception without even the need to explain things further.

Aside from imagery in marketing cosmetic dentistry, there are other cosmetic marketing tips dental clinics can use to better promote their services. This includes the use of social media. Dental clinics are able to create an album with Before & After photos of patients. This is of course with the consent of their patients. Ask permission to “tag” the photos with patients’ names and use them as a source of one-on-one testimonials about how their lives were changed thanks to cosmetic dentistry. These stories can be moving and compelling – which will prompt prospective cosmetic patients to take action and change their smiles – and lives – for the better. Social media is also relatively easy to track and follow and fans of the dental click are able to get the latest news and posts that can help push their service.

Marketing cosmetic dentistry is now made easier than ever before. If you are promoting your clinic to your audience, make sure to take a number of photos of your services for you to showcase. Discuss with your patients if they wish to have their experiences be shared over your website or your social media profiles. Make sure that your dental clinic is supplied with fresh and new images from time to time.

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