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Traditional Marketing in Thailand – what still works, what no longer does

Thailand is like any other country in the world that everything has changed rapidly when it comes to marketing. Certain traditional marketing methods still work today and others tend to be less effective in this era of online marketing. Recent discoveries in the world of communication have changed how the marketing scenario works, but some of the marketing strategies that were effectively used in the past still work while others do not.

Traditional marketing methods that still work

Press Release

Press releases are published by organizations to introduce new products or to announce new additional features to their brand. This marketing technique can still work today while introducing new products or a long term offer. Even upcoming small online businesses can use this technique for marketing their products and services locally. Although press releases can also be published online but it is also possible to contact local magazines and newspaper for this purpose as they could be having special offers for you.

Direct Marketing

Flyers and brochures were previously used to connect directly with local consumers as well as business consumers. Giving a nice brochure or flyer with details of the business to people who think will be interested in your product or services was believed to be enough during those time. Small businesses can still implement this method to give special gifts to receive attention of new customers. This traditional method still has that personal touch, being determined by the products the clients are in search of.

Word of Mouth

This is one of the most popular and important marketing strategies traditionally used by business owner, which is still works in the present marketing system. In the present day, a number of competitors or charitable events together with their online contents can get promotion through word of mouth.

Traditional marketing methods that no longer work

Direct Mail

Even though in Thailand, bills are still being sent by postman from door to door every month but nowadays most people choose to receive the bills and pay their bills electronically, making the mail box a place more often than not reserved for an ever growing pile of recycling. Apart from the bills and birthday cards, other type sod mails go direct to the trash bin.

Cold Calling

This is actually the type of solicited market strategy that simply will not resonate with the market at all. Telemarketing is one of the marketing methods that Thai people find it frustrating the most. Depending on cold outreach as a method of prospecting, the outcome will bring nothing but a bunch of hang-ups and probably even a few expletives.

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