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Corporate Social Media: Can It Be Effective?

Social media is being integrated in variety of industries and field. The reason behind this is due to the fact that social media is used by millions of online users on a regular day to day basis. This brings a very opportunity to target these users and turn them into potential customers in the future. This is why several corporations have taken up the mantle integrating their services in social media. With that being said, can corporate social media truly effective?

Corporate social media is known as the use of social media by and within corporations. It should be noted that social media was able to gain its entrance into the corporate environment through marketing needs. This led to an increase in a number of corporations, across most industries, who have adopted the use of social media in their respective workplaces. This in turn has resulted to a substantial increase of corporations using social networking and micro blogging sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Competition within all industries continues to increase, making communication a very important role in the overall business process. Fortunately, companies are equipped with social tools that can aid in strengthening brand perception by communicating core values to a wider audience. As a result, several opportunities to start a conversation opens up as well as grow business partnerships and expand the online community to win new followers and potential customers.

Before you decide to engage in corporate social media, there are several factors that need to be considered to achieve its full effect. For instance, it is important for companies to remember that brand is on a social network. Entering a social network basically means entering a social circle which is quite the same in real life. Just like in the real world, it is important to consider there are norms which dictate how one speaks to others. As such, the use of straight “marketing messages” is simply a no-no and it rarely ever works. As a result, online users feel annoyed when companies overly advertise their brand in social media space while ignoring social norms. It is best to engage and interact with the audiences instead of simply aiming for “likes” from people who will then resent your constantly posting of poor-quality corporate content and promotions onto their respective news feed. Quality indeed tops over quantity with regards to this cases.

Social media is also being used in a strategic manner in several industries. For instance, mid-size businesses and large departments use the powerful influence of social media websites such as Instagram within offices for project-focussed communication. This makes it easy for them to share photos internally in a timely and effective manner.  Furthermore, apps such as Slack and Sharepoint can be highly effective enabling people to talk in a fast and very secure environment.

There are still plenty of marketing approaches one can apply and integrate over the corporate social media. Our Sharepoint friends in Melbourne works hand in hand with their clients to help them devise winning strategies to help them find success in corporate social media. Make use of the latest innovation found in several industries today. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals as they are more than eager to share their knowledge and expertise about corporate social media.

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