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Great English Language Marketing Terms For Hong Kongers To Learn

Hong Kong is a beautiful, bustling city that serves as the gateway to greater China, it’s an exceptional place to do business and to foster trade links with the rest of the world. As the world opens up and develops it’s become more important for understanding to be developed between people so we’ve put together a list of ten of the key terms used in the English language to describe marketing prices and what they mean.

Digital marketing:
An umbrella term that refers to online marketing via various online channels to build brand recognition with the aim of ultimately generating customers. Fifty percent of companies surveyed say they use digital marketing, but lack a defined strategy.

Content marketing:
Is the distribution of content that provides valuable information to the customer to help your company grow and retain customers online and offline. Some studies haved cited that 70 percent of marketers do not have a consistent or integrated content strategy.

Email marketing:
Using emails and email performance to reach potential customers and evangelists. Email marketing leads are considered as high quality by 40 percent of B2B marketers in Asia.

Inbound marketing:
A marketing strategy that is aimed at building valuable and interesting content to gain the attention of people rather than seeking them out as is done with outbound marketing. According to Hubspot data, inbound practices produce 54 percent more leads than traditional outbound practices.

Marketing automation: Streamlining various marketing channels and making them automatic. Our statistics show over 50 percent of top-performing companies have adopted marketing automation

Native advertising:
Is almost like an advertisement in disguise because the marketing blends with the content on a third party’s application. The placement of your product, or service appears in the same context as the users interface. Studies have found millennials are OK with sponsored content, which is really another term for native advertising, but only if it is interesting to them, which can make it a little trickier than it seems. This needs a great understanding of asian culture as well as western culture in combination.

Search engine marketing:
A series of marketing tactics that grows a website’s online presence through traffic from search engines by making the website more popular and searchable.

Social media marketing:
Using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube to grow traffic to a website or grow brand awareness. Social media leads are considered to have double the close rate of outbound marketing leads.

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