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Psychic Predictions for Marketing in 2016

 is such a trending industry and by that I mean it hovers above the latest technological innovations like flies at a BBQ. What’s popular, what’s in fashion and what is the market responding to are all key questions when seeking to discover the new trends in marketing. Most obvious is the continuing exponential growth in all things digital. Digital marketing is the present and the future.

Mobile phones will be an increasingly dominant voice in digital marketing in 2016. Mobile messaging apps will spread the information about what’s hot and what’s cool to buy and where to get it. Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger are moving toward one billion monthly users (MAUs) globally. Facebook is promising new services and stuff for these apps in 2016; revolutionary stuff, never seen before in messaging apps.

Voice activated search is rapidly expanding in the US, as consumers are communicating with their personal assistants via smart phones and vehicle systems. Smart watches are beginning to join the fray as well, and more devices like these will only increase this marketing trend. Digital marketers will need to optimise content for speech-based enquiries, rather than just keywords, and facilitate the searches for personal assistants. Personal assistants will become like psychic readers.

Ecommerce is predicted to expand big time with mobile payments really taking off in the US. Mobile wallets will become standard on the new smart phones and more retailers will be connected into systems like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. The popularity of this method of payment will be driven through special offers, coupons and loyalty programs.

Millennials and Centennials will continue to release their personal buying habits and purchasing data online in return for convenience in the digital sphere. Marketers and publishers will eat this information up like Nutella on toast in an effort to gain market advantage.

Facebook, in its third quarter of 2015, derived seventy eight percent of its $4.3 billion in global ad revenue through mobile phones. Nearly half of its 1.55 billion users interact through mobile only. Hand held devices are the future in 2016 and beyond; it is all about convenience and mobility. The psychic predictions for marketing in 2016 are targeting more and more mobile use to search and purchase by consumers in the US and globally.

Digital newspapers will continue their upward trend in terms of subscriber numbers and readers. Pay for content will be taken up by more and more commercial publishing houses.

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